Sweet Memories -- 永恒的回忆

Today, I had my lunch gathering with my ex-colleges from Spansion (Spsn) at EKEA (beside HSBC). Due to economy recession, a lot of them were took VSS and out from Spsn but I think majority already get the new job. Always felt happy and comfortable to meet with all of them although we are already not working together.

This lunch gathering not only make me think back all those sweet memories with them but as well as my ex-ex-company, Intel. As SweeKhay invite her bf come along who currently work at my ex-ex-company so had mention some stuff about my ex-ex-company. Suddenly think back all those sweet memories from these 2 company so when back home, I immediately on my home PC and go through those photos that we took last time. Hehehe…Below are all of them. Really thanks all of them as they left me such a sweet and unforgettable memories in my life time. Is my pleasant to know all of you =)

You'll be missed, my dear friends...


  1. You only miss your ex colleagues and ex ex colleagues ah? Then how about your car pool ex colleagues? Why never mention? So sad la...

  2. Haha...cause you are not there ma...so did't think about that lor but you are always in my heart ma...


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