I'm Blogger sInce 15July'09

All this while, I am use to read and enjoy photo from other’s blog. However, since 15 July 2009, I am be a blogger too (“,). Haha…

Actually is my boy friend take the initiative to create a blog account for me. Initially I feel nothing and not really show my interest on that but afterthat I’m thinking since already have the account so at least don't want leave it blank hence I start my first blog which is “My First Layer Cake”.

Once I’m done with my first blog, the feeling is totally different from what I’m supposed to be but on the hand I feel a slightly excited. I have a feeling that I would like to continue write about all the incident that happen around me. I would like to share everything here so that you able to read it and enjoy it instead of I’m always enjoying other’s blog.

We feel, We Share, We care…


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My Awards
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