Smoky Jack at Upper Penang Road

I had my lunch at Smoky Jack located at Upper Penang road. Since no work so planned go for good food that not usually can go during working time. I heard Smoky Jack quite a long time as its famous on the unusually attention-seeking design. Its comes with a unique interior design which uses recycles item like doors, barrels, faux wooded branches, and I like the most is the huge fiber glass cocoon seats that provide more privacy and romantic.

Overall I like there as food was delicious and they served professionally. Although the portion of food looks small but I believe there is just nice to fill up your stomach.Besides, the cost was great as there is promotion 50% for second set lunch that you ordered. The price range of set lunch is from RM15.80++ until RM28.80++. Is great, right? But not sure when they will stop this kind of promotion. Hope I can visit there again before the promotion stop. Heheh...

Smoky Jack that located at Upper Penang Road, just right beside the Segafredo
There is having great promotion, 50% for the second set lunch
Left hand side one is the one that I like the most that I mention just now, huge fiber glass cocoon seats that almost all the couple will choose this as more privacy and romantic =)
and the middle down one is the ceiling view...they use old wooden doors and windows to cover up. Special enough, right?
Menu of Smoky Jack
Peach Tea and Coffee
These are included in the set lunch. Choose either peach tea, tea or coffee
All set lunch will served with fresh salad or soup of the day as starter. Soup on that day was carrot soup and the salad was just normal plain vege with something like olive oil. Taste not bad for both
Garlic bread which come with the carrot soup. Again just a simple garlic bread but taste good
Smoky BBQ Pork Ribs -- RM 18.80++
Served with their in house BBQ source. Not sure was due to I like pork or.... I feel this one taste good, the meat was soft enough. Actually this is one of the signature item for Smoky Jack
Sealand Combo -- RM 28.80++
Combination of Tiger Prawn & Pork Chop. Taste not bad but if compare with the Pork Ribs above, I prefer Pork. Heheh...
End with the in house dessert -- Fruits and the cake
Smoky Jack Ribs & Steakhouse
3H-3I, Upper Penang Road
10000 Georgetown
Tel : +604 2628826

Wednesday / Friday / Saturday/ Eve Holiday
Operation Hour 12:00 pm - 02:00 am
Lunch Time12:00 pm - 03:00 pm
Dinner Time06:00 pm - 11:00 pm
( Chill Out time : 11:00 pm - 02:00 am )

Sunday / Monday/ Tuesday / Thursday
Operation Hour 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
Lunch Time 12:00 pm - 03:00 pm
Dinner Time 06:00 pm - 10:30 pm
( Chill Out time : 10:30 PM - 12:00 AM )

Dim Sum at Tuck Sai Cafe, Penang

Last Sunday I had my breakfast, dim sim at Tuck Sai Cafe with my family. Tuck Sai Cafe located just behind the building formerly known as Federal theater and now already changed to cafe called Federal Place if not mistaken. Why we go there? As I heard that dim sim there is nice and consider cheap so can't wait to have it a try. Overall, I felt satisfy with the foods and the services. Although there quite a lot of peoples but they served you friendly and helpful enough and foods are delicious too.

Dim Sim at Tuck Sai cafe actually consider quite traditional as there is not self-service as other dim sum nowadays in Penang and they didn't used the push car to deliver their dim sum too. Customers just need to sit there and you will be served by waiters/waitress walking around with the bamboo basket that filled with their variety of dim sum. You can just pick and choose your favorite dim sum from the basket. Is so easy...I prefer this style as no need queue for long at the counter to choose the foods...Hehe...

By the way, after paid the bill I feel the price really consider cheap for me as we ate around 36 plates for 5pax and only charged for RM 57. That mean less than RM2.

Tuck Sai Cafe that located at Jalan Dato Keramat
Chinese Tea which is the must for Dim Sum to lightening the richness of foods
Random shooting while I am waiting for the waiters/waitress
This is the signature item for dim sum -- Steamed Prawn Pork Dumpling ( Har Kau)
Another signature item which I must ordered when go for dim sum -- White Turnip Cake with Shrimps (Lo Pak Kou)
This is my dad's favorite -- Steamed BBQ Pork Bun ( Char Sio Bao)
Fried Fish Ball
Steamed Fish Ball
Deep Fried Prawn Roll
Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling
Steamed Chicken Paws with Bean Sauce
Glutinous Rice ( Lor Mai Gai)
Steamed Pork Ribs (Bak Kut)
Hong Kong Style Steamed Prawn Rice Roll -- I feel slightly oily for this
Deep Fried Prawn with Leeks

Tuck Sai Cafe
Jalan Dato' Keramat
Just behind the Federal Place (Formerly known as Federal Theater)

Korea Palace at Krystal Point, Penang

Korea Palace newly opened at Krystal Point on 11th November 2009. This was the second outlet after their first outlet at Tanjong Tokong. Actually I planned to go visit this restaurant at Tanjong Tokong quite a long time as I heard good comments for it but due to quite far from my area so drag until their second branch...heheh...the location is really convenient for those around FTZ especially during lunch time as got 1 more choice and I scan through the menu, there are set lunch served which I feel the price is still reasonable and affordable as the set lunch are below RM15.

If compared with the DAORAE, I feel the foods and the service was almost the same, both also provided the service to BBQ all the meats and we must at least ordered 2 types of BBQ foods. However, I preferred environment at DAORAE, there is more comfortable for me if compare with Korea Palace.

Anyhow, is good that to make a reservation in advanced to avoid crowded and save some of your time. There are few private room so if you go with many, maybe you can requst for that.

Korea Palace that located at Krystal Point, Bayan Lepas area
Inside view -- each table had its own BBQ pit which gets filled with hot charcoal for BBQ purpose
Menu from Korea Palace -- Got quite variety of foods available there which are Korea Pork/Beef BBQ, Casserole Stew, Entremets and Korea other dish. Besides, there is set lunch menu which are not more than RM15
Korea Chopstick and Spoon
The meal start with an assortment of "banchan", 10 small Korea appetizers. If not mistaken, the 10 types of the the cold dish were Kimchi Cabbage, Fried Eggs, Green Chili, Broccoli with sauce, Bean Sprouts, Pumpkin, Pickled Lotus, Spinach, Salad and Perilla Leaves. Forget to mention, we can ask for refill for the small side dishes. hehehe....
Waiter come and place the burning charcoal in the pit and the top is to suck the smoke purpose so it won't make our cloth too smelly after the meal
Wah...can't wait to have our meal =)
Pork Neck Meat with Salt -- RM 27
I feel this was just normal if compare with another meat that we ordered as this more original taste of meat and some more a bit hard for the meat, maybe cook for too long...
Half-cooked meat
Pork Meat with Soy Sauce -- RM30
Hmmm...I like this one as the meat was soften and the taste was nice with the sauce. Actually you can wrap the meat with the perrila leaves and dip with the sauce that given by themThe waiter professionally grilled the meats and cut it into small pieces for easy consumption

Kimchi Stew --RM40
We ordered small one, RM60 for large one. I like Kimchi so I like this dish. The stew come with mushroom, cabbage, glass noodles, tofu, meats and topped with spring onion. The taste was just nice, not very spicy...simply delicious...
We ordered the "Instant Noddles" separately as we like the Maggie with such a yummy soup
I did enjoyed the Kimchi...the kimchi soup was not enough for us so we requested to add the soup
Our meal end with the free fruit dessert -- orange

Korea Palace
1-1-27 Krystal Point Corporate Park
Jalan Tun Dr Awang
11900 Penang
Tel: 04-646 7977

Korea Palace
28-1-2 Tanjong Tokong
10470 Penang
Tel: 04-899 7900

A&W at Gurney Plaza New Wing Penang

Quite a long time I didn't step in A&W as hardly find A&W at Penang recently but it can be found at Gurney Plaza new wing now. Just wonder why A&W cannot famous as McDonald and KFC. Maybe they lack of choices as for me if talk about A&W. I only aware of their Root Beer with float and Coney Dog. Beside these two signature item at A&W, I think i will not have my meal at there.

As not sure what to eat after my movie at Gurney Plaza so finally choose A&W as miss their root beer. The root beer doesn't disappointed me since long time didn't have it. Is great that you add on 1 scoop of ice-cream into root beer. nice but unfortunately I can't drink too much of soft drink as I am put braces now =(

A&W located at Gurney Plaza New Wing
Root Beer with float -- Root Beer is the MUST beverage if you have your meal at A&W. Is really nice and I missed it so muchie...
Coney Dog -- This also one of the signature item at A&W. The source was slighly spicy. Hmmm...I quite like it but unfortunately sometime the source was not taste good, delicious or not is depends on your luck. I think improvement needed for this area, at least need to standardize the taste of the food.
Black Paper Supreme Dog -- This was just normal with black paper favor. Nothing special...
Curly Fries -- the fries was good. Crispy...taste similar as McD
Hot Milo -- So sad that I not allowed to have too much of my favorite root beer so order another hot milo but the milo was tasteless =(

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