A&W at Gurney Plaza New Wing Penang

Quite a long time I didn't step in A&W as hardly find A&W at Penang recently but it can be found at Gurney Plaza new wing now. Just wonder why A&W cannot famous as McDonald and KFC. Maybe they lack of choices as for me if talk about A&W. I only aware of their Root Beer with float and Coney Dog. Beside these two signature item at A&W, I think i will not have my meal at there.

As not sure what to eat after my movie at Gurney Plaza so finally choose A&W as miss their root beer. The root beer doesn't disappointed me since long time didn't have it. Is great that you add on 1 scoop of ice-cream into root beer. Arhhh....so nice but unfortunately I can't drink too much of soft drink as I am put braces now =(

A&W located at Gurney Plaza New Wing
Root Beer with float -- Root Beer is the MUST beverage if you have your meal at A&W. Is really nice and I missed it so muchie...
Coney Dog -- This also one of the signature item at A&W. The source was slighly spicy. Hmmm...I quite like it but unfortunately sometime the source was not taste good, delicious or not is depends on your luck. I think improvement needed for this area, at least need to standardize the taste of the food.
Black Paper Supreme Dog -- This was just normal with black paper favor. Nothing special...
Curly Fries -- the fries was good. Crispy...taste similar as McD
Hot Milo -- So sad that I not allowed to have too much of my favorite root beer so order another hot milo but the milo was tasteless =(


  1. A & W makes the best tasting root beer! That makes the visit worth the trip.

  2. I like their root beer too...yeah..


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