TANG Steamboat Restaurant Penang

So sad that recently all my post was so out date, really don’t have the free time to upload my food blog on time. This is about Leng’s birthday celebration. We celebrated her birthday on Oct’10 at Tang Steamboat & BBQ Restaurant which located at Rangoon Road, Penang. It is not like our normal steamboat as is quite special in term of food type and soup.

There is offer either buffet style or ala carte meal. Of cause, we took the “All You Can Eat Buffet” which cost just RM22 net per person which includes variety of seafood, meat, side dishes and some of famous Taiwanese’s food like Chao Tofu.

Overall, food is consider nice as able to try out some special dishes and the soup is yummy too. However, service slightly slow, maybe just have 2 person to manage the shop and 1 minor point to highlight here is they keep inform us that it will be penalty if wasted. We pretty aware that wasted is a bad habit and it is strictly not allow but they keep inform us about that, it will become very irritating. Every time when we wish to add on our order, they will ask “are you sure you can finish, it will be penalty if wasted”. haih...

Tang Steamboat located at Rangoon Road, Penang
The environment of TANG. Is cozy and nice place
This is what I mention that they keep mention to customers that will be charge if wasted.
Our Yummy Steamboat...
Minced Pork served with eggs & Fish Glue. These 2 home style dish are nice and delicious. We need to spoonful it ourselves into the soup. Simply yummy...
Taiwan Salty Chicken
TeppanYaki Dumpling
Fried Wantan. This taste not bad and very crispy =)
Sea Food Lobak
Variety of steamboat dishes and skewer stick of BBQ
Taiwanese famous Chao Tofu. Hmmm...no comment for this as I dare not to try. It's really smelly =P
Birthday to Leng...Quite a long time hence I can't remember what's the favor for this cake >.<

Tang Steamboat Restaurant
7 Rangoon Road
10400 Penang
Tel : 016 4352259
Business Hour : 12pm – 3pm & 6pm – 10pm

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