Happy Dumplings Festival -- 端午快乐

Happy Dumplings Festival…Yesterday after work, one of my lovely friend suggested to go out eat giant rice dumpling that special bought by her. Really thanks her that specially prepared the dumpling so that we have chance to celebrate the dumpling festival at Fern’s house =)

Although is just a short time celebration but is a great time that gather together and have a fun time there. We did enjoyed the yummy giant dumpling, photos shooting as well as playing games together hence need to special thanks to Leng, Fern and Moon (“,)

The Giant rice dumplings (ZongZi or hokkien is Bak Zhang) are glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, or other large leaves (lotus is one of the more commonly used leaves). Btw, these photos taken by Moon as mine one all blur =(
Can see the size of the rice dumpling? is big, I think enough for 8-10 person
While steam the rice dumpling also not forget to compare the size using bottle...heheh
Is done, time for us to eat...
Yummy Bak Zhang =)
Rice Dumpling filled with assorted meat and special savory Sauce, encapsulating dried oysters, barbecued chicken, lotus seeds, chestnuts, mushroom varieties, dried shrimps and etc
Beside rice dumpling, my sis Kim bought some of the side dishes for us... thanks all...hmmm, seem like I only go eat without any contribution but I believe they are don't mind about that. Heheh...again thanks and 祝大家端午快乐!!

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