Hai Onn Hainanese Restaurant at Burma Road, Penang

That day I received a forward mail about the “10 Must Try Penang Street Food”. Hai Onn Restaurant which located at Burma Road is one of the list. After read the recommendation from the email, I am pretty interested on their signature dish which is Hainanese Chicken Chop so I went Hai Onn Restaurant last Saturday. Heheh…

Hai Onn Restaurant is an old style kopitiam which located at Burma road, few shop lot before MEKIO. It served Hainanese foods with quite a low price. There are few signature dishes which is Hainanese Chicken Chop, Hainanese Hokkien Char, Roti Babi and Spring roll (Choon Piah). Unfortunately I only able to tried out 3 signature dishes during my first visit there, I missed out “Roti Babi”. Hmmm…I think I will definitely will have a second visit…Heheh..

Overall I feel the foods are yummy, just the foods served slightly slow but you can see that all the customers there are willing to wait. That mean the foods should be quite nice, right? Don’t worry, there is side dish – Lobak that you can order while you are waiting. Lobak taste nice too…

Restaurant Hai Onn located at Burma Road, Penang. It very famous for the Koay Teow Th'ng (Noodles Soup) and Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noddles) in the morning
Various type of sauces for all your foods
This is the one that I mention for your side dish while waiting for your foods -- "Lobak"
The famous one -- Hainanese Chicken Chop
Slightly different from what we usually taste. Eggs, potatoes and tomatoes slices served together with chicken cutlet. It taste nice. I saw some other customers did ordered toast bread to dip into the gravy. It looks yummy too. Maybe can try it next time =)
"Hainanese Hokkien Char"
Hmmm...this is the one that I feel slightly salty when eat almost the endSpring Roll (Choon Piah)
This is great. Very crispy and the filling taste very good
Dessert after our meal at Hai Onn. It can be found in a stall just outside the Hai Onn.
Feel good. Heheh...

Hai Onn Restaurant
53-55 Burma Road, Penang
Opening Hour : 11am - 9pm (close on Monday)

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