Tropical Spice Garden at Penang

Last Saturday I attended the company team-building at Penang Tropical Spice Garden located between Batu Ferringhi and Teluk Pahang. Is good experience there as currently most of us are stay at town and seldom touch with the nature. The tropical Spice Garden shows us over 500 species of local and foreign flora from Malaysia and around the world. The environment there are nice too as currently a lot of bride and groom choose there as their pre-wedding photos’ location.

Actually the team-building not organize by our own but we looks for the company that professionally doing team-building for the company. They charged as RM80 per person. The package included the entrance fees, breakfast/lunch, guided tour and facilitators. They did offered us few choices for the game and finally we choose for Spice Cook-out activity which start with
1. guided tour that brief us about the garden and let us understand more about the spices and

herds there
2. Assign the group and create own group logo
3. Treasure hunt – hunt for the spices base on the clues that given by them
4. Cooking – this is the most fun parts. Cooks base on the recipe that given by them.

Overall, I like the games as at least something special from what usually we are doing.

For more information, you can visit the here

Penang Tropical Spice Garden located between Batu Ferringhi and Teluk Pahang
Random view at Spice Garden
Total 6 small sub-group which we assigned 1 day ahead at office so that we can straight start the game when reach there
Before start the game, discussion first to make sure the team can meet the goal in the shortest time. Well organize are very important when work as a team
First Game - Create own group logo, mine is small Chili (Spicy and Hot) ...Hehehe
2nd game - silent game. We need to passing the message without talking. This show how important of communication
3nd Game - Hunt for the spices around the garden base on the clues.
4th Game - After successful get all the spices, then need to start cook for our curry base on the recipe. A lot of preparation work before able to start cook
Yeah..start cook and ready for our curry. Make sure is yummy as this will be our lunch =) ready. Looks yummy??
Winners and group photo before end. Although my group didn't win in the game but I felt is fun for this type of team-building. The most fun parts are cooked together and work hard to hunt for the spices =)

Tropical Spice Garden
Lone Crag Villa, Lot 595 Mukim2,
Jalan Teluk Pahang
11100 Penang, Malaysia
Tel : +604 8813794

Visit Hour
Open 9am to 6pm daily
Last admission at 5.30pm

My "Happy 101" Award

So happy that I received an award from 蛮头 in early morning today but due to working time so I just can see my award and can't bring back. Anyway, I am getting my award back now. Again thanks to 蛮头. Really excited as this is my first time to get award at blog =)

She is very talented in cooking and baking. Her foods always amazed me. She able to prepare so well for a candle light dinner included appetizer, main course, side dish and dessert. Hence, I always visit her blog, hope I able learn and make it as her one day in future. Hehehe...Anyway, I'm happy to know her over the food blogging.

There are few term and condition that I'm supposed to do, which are :
Copy the award image into a post ;
List 10 things that make you happy ;
Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day ;
Put in a link to their blog ;
Notify the award receivers ;
Recipients should link back to the sender's blog.

So many things in my life that make me happy ... but here the 10 things (in no particular order) :
1. All my family members and my lovely friends like you (mum, dad, sis, bro, keen, bear bear

and etc) stay sweet and healthy forever and ever
2. Able to develop a sweet family in future with him
3. His sales come in non stop…hmmm…at least 10 sales per day..hahah
4. Able to buy things without see the price =)
5. Able sleep until I wake up naturally, alarm disappear from me
6. Always try out yummy foods and traveling =)
7. Able to bake a nice and yummy cake in future
8. Salary higher a bit…hehehe
9. Always stay pretty
10. Know more nice friends like you

So happy that I have the opportunity to pass this award to 10 wonderful blogger friends. I hope it will brighten up yours as well! It was very hard to choose only 10! (in no particular order)
1. wwkeen
2. Ginna
3. Phileo Poh
4. Susan
5. My Little Space
9. Kitchen M
10. Penny aka Jeroxie

Remember come to bring back your award ya~~

Demax Restaurant at D'piazza Mall Penang

Demax Restaurant newly open I think around Dec'09 located at D'piazza. As we know that currently quite a lot of new restaurant opened at D'piazza so we just simply choose base on our luck to go in for our dinner. Finally we choose Demax Restaurant. Actually had been there more than month ago but now only sharing the food here. U know why? Just simple. I think I will not recommend this restaurant to my friends as I can't feel any satisfaction after had my dinner there and this restaurant will not listed in my food list when I am thinking for my lunch or dinner in future.

We visit there around 7.30pm. Just sit down and we saw one of the customer feel very angry and ask their family member walk out from the restaurant and the boss walk out fast and request them to sit back and the foods been served immediately. From this I have bad feeling that they serve quite slow but I still decide to continue having my dinner there as I saw not much customer left.

They served quite variety of foods like HK style noodle, fried rice, Western Food, special Ala-cart and etc but when we order, all our choice are finish. we just choose whatever that still left and some more when I ordered a cup of warm water, the boss told me that their restaurant was not served plain water but they can specially make for me and charged RM 0.60 per cup. I was thinking just a cup of plain water, why need to be so special and feel expensive for that. Overall, I not very happy to have my dinner there as the food served very slow and the food not really suit my taste

Demax Restaurant located at D'piazza Mall Bayan Baru
How the restaurant look like. Actually quite big for the restaurant. Downstair more on the purpose just dinner or lunch and upstair is prefer for gethering that involve more peoples
Variety of foods but almost all are finish when we are there =(
SeaFood Ramen Soup -- RM 9.90
I feel the texture of ramen not that nice as the ramen too sticky and tasteless for the soup base
SeaFood Fried Ramen -- RM8.90
Same as ramen soup, the ramen too sticky but overall taste this is better than above one
Water Chestnut Crispy Roll -- RM 7.90
This is the most delicious from our order. Maybe due to deep fried =)
Red Bean with Milk -- RM4.00
Really speechless for this as from the name I thought they will blend the red bean but unfortunately they just mixed the big red bean with milk and the straw was so small so basically just feel like drink a cup of milk =(
This is what I mention on top. Special warm water for me -- RM 0.60

Demax Restaurant
D'piazza Mall
No.27, Jalan Mahsuri,
11900 Bayan Baru, Pulau Pinang

Soba Yoshi at Krystal Point Penang

Soba Yoshi (also known as Hanyoshi) is a Japanese Restaurant located at Krystal Point, Penang. I had my lunch with my ex-colleagues there I think 3 days before the Christmas Eve. Actually we planned to have our gathering at 香香 restaurant before going to our holiday but unfortunately it closed on Tuesday so we just simply choose one restaurant to go in. As I heard quite good comments for Soba Yoshi so we just go in without any worry. However, in term of foods and services were just average for me but peoples keep coming in while we are eating, maybe the foods just not suit my taste. Hehehe...

We did ask if there any promotion? But the waitress told us that the promotion only applicable for Privilege Card holder. We don't know what card that she mean so just forget it and continue our meal. Now only I aware that the Privilege Card can be apply through here. You may check it out if you plan to visit Soba Yoshi. Anyway the card not only discount for Soba Yoshi but still have some other restaurant. If not mistaken there is annual fees charge for the card.

I always go for GreenTea at Japanese Restaurant
Hot Tower were provided before our meal
Quite variety of food available at Soba Yoshi like Bento Set, Menrui Set, Donburi, Teppanyaki Set, Sushi and etc
Appetizer for each before our meal
Grilled Salmon in Butter Source -- RM 18
Japanese Style Curry rice with Chicken Cutlet -- RM 18
This is the set look, included soup and fruits. My colleagues said she ordered this is due to the Aladdin bowl..hahah...
Tori-Tame ( Chicken and Eggs ) -- RM 16
Garlic Fried Rice -- RM6
Recently I love Japanese Garlic fried rice. I feel nice for this =)
Agedashi Dofu -- RM 8
Deep fried dofu in Japanese source, not bad...
Yasai Kakiage -- RM 12
Mix Vegetable tempura is one of my colleagues' favorite as she like vege...

Soba Yoshi Japanese Restaurant
303-01-16, Krystal Point
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Bayan Baru
11900 Pulau Pinang
Tel : 04-6468650

Tao Cuisine -- Japanese Buffet at Juru Autocity Penang

Christmas lunch at Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine located at Autocity. Quite busy during year end so drag until now only post the lunch during Christmas. Hahah…even already past the New Year. Actually I been TAO at E-gate for few time but this was my first time visit TAO at Juru Autocity. They start the buffet on 11.30 am but unfortunately I only able to reach there on 12.30 pm as I go after my work so I had missed out to take quite a lot of foods photos..sigh...

Currently Penang have 2 branches of TAO Japanese Cuisine which located at E-gate, Penang Island while another located at Juru Autocity. In term of decoration and space, Auto-City branch is much more larger and the environment is nicer too as there was well decorated if compare with branch that located at E-gate. TAO served for Japanese buffet style but the buffet concept slightly different from the normal buffet style. You can order whatever you want from the menu provided on the tables. Customers can order any items from the variety menu and repeat order was allowed without any limits to fill up your satisfaction. The most wonderful parts at TAO is the food will be serve directly from waiters/waitress to your tables instead of lining up to wait and choose your foods.

Overall I feel is quite nice for the foods and services.
You can find out more from the official wedsite here

Christmas Lunch at Tao Autocity cost rm50++ for each. For those that can eat much I feel will be quite worthy with this price
The environment very nice if compare with Tao at E-gate.
Variety of yummy foods at can order whatever from here with no limited as long as you able to finish all the foods that ordered by you, if not you will be charge for the food wastage
Christmas Special -- there is Christmas special dish that only available during Christmas. Just a normal sushi with something like chicken cordon blue
Salmon Papaya -- Sweet papaya wrapped with smoked salmon. The combination make the taste great. You should try out this...
Motoyaki Scallops -- Grilled scallops with a spicy and creamy sauce. I like this too as the sauce taste very nice. We ordered for second plate =)
Wasabi Sary Abalone -- I like this so muchie. This is my favorite choice for the meal. The QQ-texture abalone slice was fresh enough and with the mayo sauce make the overall feel great. Yummy....Besides, my another favorite Crab Meat with Cheese which I missed out to take the photos. It looks like "wanton" with hot and creamy cheese fillings. We ordered for few time for these 2 items. Must try out...
Sashimi -- I not really like this as I not prefer raw foods
Nemo -- Is good that don't order too much of sushi if you are served with the buffet style as will be full very fast
3 cup squid -- this is one of their signature item
Grilled Lamb Shoulder
Fish Ball Soup
Shark's Fin Soup
As usual...meal always end with the dessert -- Ice Cream, forget what the ice cream is but taste was special and just simply nice...I request for second time but unfortunately was finish =(

Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine
Juru, AutoCity Penang
Tel : 04-5017826
E-gate, Penang
Tel : 04-6587826
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