Tao Cuisine -- Japanese Buffet at Juru Autocity Penang

Christmas lunch at Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine located at Autocity. Quite busy during year end so drag until now only post the lunch during Christmas. Hahah…even already past the New Year. Actually I been TAO at E-gate for few time but this was my first time visit TAO at Juru Autocity. They start the buffet on 11.30 am but unfortunately I only able to reach there on 12.30 pm as I go after my work so I had missed out to take quite a lot of foods photos..sigh...

Currently Penang have 2 branches of TAO Japanese Cuisine which located at E-gate, Penang Island while another located at Juru Autocity. In term of decoration and space, Auto-City branch is much more larger and the environment is nicer too as there was well decorated if compare with branch that located at E-gate. TAO served for Japanese buffet style but the buffet concept slightly different from the normal buffet style. You can order whatever you want from the menu provided on the tables. Customers can order any items from the variety menu and repeat order was allowed without any limits to fill up your satisfaction. The most wonderful parts at TAO is the food will be serve directly from waiters/waitress to your tables instead of lining up to wait and choose your foods.

Overall I feel is quite nice for the foods and services.
You can find out more from the official wedsite here

Christmas Lunch at Tao Autocity cost rm50++ for each. For those that can eat much I feel will be quite worthy with this price
The environment very nice if compare with Tao at E-gate.
Variety of yummy foods at Tao...you can order whatever from here with no limited as long as you able to finish all the foods that ordered by you, if not you will be charge for the food wastage
Christmas Special -- there is Christmas special dish that only available during Christmas. Just a normal sushi with something like chicken cordon blue
Salmon Papaya -- Sweet papaya wrapped with smoked salmon. The combination make the taste great. You should try out this...
Motoyaki Scallops -- Grilled scallops with a spicy and creamy sauce. I like this too as the sauce taste very nice. We ordered for second plate =)
Wasabi Sary Abalone -- I like this so muchie. This is my favorite choice for the meal. The QQ-texture abalone slice was fresh enough and with the mayo sauce make the overall feel great. Yummy....Besides, my another favorite Crab Meat with Cheese which I missed out to take the photos. It looks like "wanton" with hot and creamy cheese fillings. We ordered for few time for these 2 items. Must try out...
Sashimi -- I not really like this as I not prefer raw foods
Nemo -- Is good that don't order too much of sushi if you are served with the buffet style as will be full very fast
3 cup squid -- this is one of their signature item
Grilled Lamb Shoulder
Fish Ball Soup
Shark's Fin Soup
As usual...meal always end with the dessert -- Ice Cream, forget what the ice cream is but taste was special and just simply nice...I request for second time but unfortunately was finish =(

Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine
Juru, AutoCity Penang
Tel : 04-5017826
E-gate, Penang
Tel : 04-6587826


  1. Everything looks so delicious!

  2. Hi Atec,
    As i know TAO is not halal but its pork free only...

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