Demax Restaurant at D'piazza Mall Penang

Demax Restaurant newly open I think around Dec'09 located at D'piazza. As we know that currently quite a lot of new restaurant opened at D'piazza so we just simply choose base on our luck to go in for our dinner. Finally we choose Demax Restaurant. Actually had been there more than month ago but now only sharing the food here. U know why? Just simple. I think I will not recommend this restaurant to my friends as I can't feel any satisfaction after had my dinner there and this restaurant will not listed in my food list when I am thinking for my lunch or dinner in future.

We visit there around 7.30pm. Just sit down and we saw one of the customer feel very angry and ask their family member walk out from the restaurant and the boss walk out fast and request them to sit back and the foods been served immediately. From this I have bad feeling that they serve quite slow but I still decide to continue having my dinner there as I saw not much customer left.

They served quite variety of foods like HK style noodle, fried rice, Western Food, special Ala-cart and etc but when we order, all our choice are finish. we just choose whatever that still left and some more when I ordered a cup of warm water, the boss told me that their restaurant was not served plain water but they can specially make for me and charged RM 0.60 per cup. I was thinking just a cup of plain water, why need to be so special and feel expensive for that. Overall, I not very happy to have my dinner there as the food served very slow and the food not really suit my taste

Demax Restaurant located at D'piazza Mall Bayan Baru
How the restaurant look like. Actually quite big for the restaurant. Downstair more on the purpose just dinner or lunch and upstair is prefer for gethering that involve more peoples
Variety of foods but almost all are finish when we are there =(
SeaFood Ramen Soup -- RM 9.90
I feel the texture of ramen not that nice as the ramen too sticky and tasteless for the soup base
SeaFood Fried Ramen -- RM8.90
Same as ramen soup, the ramen too sticky but overall taste this is better than above one
Water Chestnut Crispy Roll -- RM 7.90
This is the most delicious from our order. Maybe due to deep fried =)
Red Bean with Milk -- RM4.00
Really speechless for this as from the name I thought they will blend the red bean but unfortunately they just mixed the big red bean with milk and the straw was so small so basically just feel like drink a cup of milk =(
This is what I mention on top. Special warm water for me -- RM 0.60

Demax Restaurant
D'piazza Mall
No.27, Jalan Mahsuri,
11900 Bayan Baru, Pulau Pinang


  1. you expect people to give you free drinks? come on and have a life pls, nothing is free in this world. also, if you cant wait, why bother to go? i think you have nothing better to do

  2. Hi,
    I just feel expensive for the drink and I never expect they provide free drink...yes, I won't think I will visit there again...Besides, all above was mainly on my own opinion and feeling...u can agree or not agree...different ppls different taste, right?

  3. I been there before, and it suck! It a one times deal restorant to me too..Please la, what kind of restorant to expect customer to wait for 45 mins just for a simple meal, plus the soya with milk, you cant even drink it with straw. The restorant people need to blended it before serve to customer..Totally agree with you ghkoay76

  4. support wong & ghkoay76!!! When we walk in a restorant and plan to have a meal but wait till 45min for NORMAL people sure will unhappy one unless~~~there is UNNORMAL people...

    "Anonymous" i got 2 words for u ~~~

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  7. quote " I ordered a cup of warm water, the boss told me that their restaurant was not served plain water but they can specially make for me and charged RM 0.60 per cup. I was thinking just a cup of plain water, why need to be so special and feel expensive for that"

    you go to other restaurant they will charge you rm2! put yourself in the biz owner shoes, if the warm water is free, how many of you pathetic FTZ worker will order other drinks?

  8. HI Anonymous,
    Can u read properly from what I am wrote. I already mention when the time that I visited there…that the boss told me there is no plain water served mean plain water doesn’t in the menu at that time and need special make it for me. Btw, I don’t know if there is in menu as for now as I I will not visit there again

    About the price, I feel rm0.60 is quite expensive is mainly base on my feel and my own opinion. Why u try to pursue ppls to follow ur feeling that to say not expensive?? I did mention the price with the exact food so u can judge urself if expensive or cheap, right? Here is mainly sharing on the restaurant that I been went before, ok? If u disagree with me, u can just ignore and go ahead with what you are thinking

  9. Btw, if you are boss or someone related to the restaurant, pls try to accept others opinion and feedback and get it improve but if you think your restaurant already perfect then just maintain it. No need bother about others talk or feedback

  10. Dear customer,

    thank you to give us good comments.
    we'll take note beside our management change already hope u can give us a chance...
    we'll do the best service...

    thank you very much..

    from. tonny
    Demax restaurant

  11. Dear customer,

    Thank you give us good comments, we'll take note beside our management change already.
    hope you can give us a chance...

    we'll do the best service...

    the food menu & price change already....

    Thank you very much..

    Demax restaurant.

  12. hahaha for my feeling i think this so call "Anonymous" guy 60%-70% is the restaurant owner or worker lo.Any how as a business stand point, must remember "customer is ALWAYS right" if u wanna to improve pls do accept the opinion and feedbck by customer,not need said "if you cant wait, why bother to go".But anyway the business is on ur hand...accept or not is depent of u.2 way to go, *1 = improve *2 = bye bye

  13. Hi Demax Restaurant,
    So happy to hear that there is some changes on the services. Will try it again then. Anyway, thanks for reading my post and provide some precious comments here.

  14. Actually we just getting know that there is site/blog about our restaurant... and we're trying to overcome those bad things about us... we're sincere to looking for your support to witness our improvement.

    tonny tan
    Demax restaurant

  15. Dear ghkoay76,

    I would like to invite you to come our restaurant on 18/02/10 at 7:40pm
    thank you to give us good commet.
    sorry lated reply you bcoz i saw ur blog on 29/01/10 and we fast to improve our service as ur request.
    we still need you all support please give us a chance.
    please add tonny tan facebook to view more new food photo.

    Demax restaurant

  16. Hi Tonny,
    Sorry for the late reply as I am out from Penang for this whole week with limited internet access hence sorry to inform that I not able to attend for your invitation for tomorrow but don't worry I definitely will visit Demax again without your invitation once I back. Thanks anyway =)

  17. hi ghkoay76,

    when u visit pls thru email to me.
    wait u reply.

    Thank you
    Demax restaurant.

  18. ghkoay76,the way Tonny.tan wrote like want to challenge your stomach.Why not 1 to 1 challenge,he cook and you taste it.

  19. Looks like the shop not open anymore, isit?

  20. Yes, as i know the shop already close.


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