My "Happy 101" Award

So happy that I received an award from 蛮头 in early morning today but due to working time so I just can see my award and can't bring back. Anyway, I am getting my award back now. Again thanks to 蛮头. Really excited as this is my first time to get award at blog =)

She is very talented in cooking and baking. Her foods always amazed me. She able to prepare so well for a candle light dinner included appetizer, main course, side dish and dessert. Hence, I always visit her blog, hope I able learn and make it as her one day in future. Hehehe...Anyway, I'm happy to know her over the food blogging.

There are few term and condition that I'm supposed to do, which are :
Copy the award image into a post ;
List 10 things that make you happy ;
Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day ;
Put in a link to their blog ;
Notify the award receivers ;
Recipients should link back to the sender's blog.

So many things in my life that make me happy ... but here the 10 things (in no particular order) :
1. All my family members and my lovely friends like you (mum, dad, sis, bro, keen, bear bear

and etc) stay sweet and healthy forever and ever
2. Able to develop a sweet family in future with him
3. His sales come in non stop…hmmm…at least 10 sales per day..hahah
4. Able to buy things without see the price =)
5. Able sleep until I wake up naturally, alarm disappear from me
6. Always try out yummy foods and traveling =)
7. Able to bake a nice and yummy cake in future
8. Salary higher a bit…hehehe
9. Always stay pretty
10. Know more nice friends like you

So happy that I have the opportunity to pass this award to 10 wonderful blogger friends. I hope it will brighten up yours as well! It was very hard to choose only 10! (in no particular order)
1. wwkeen
2. Ginna
3. Phileo Poh
4. Susan
5. My Little Space
9. Kitchen M
10. Penny aka Jeroxie

Remember come to bring back your award ya~~


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