Passion Of Kerala, Gelugor Penang

Yesterday, one of my counterpart from India visit to Penang for about 1 week so we had our group lunch with him at Passion of Kerala and also known as banana leaf. Overall I felt the food was not bad as seldom try for the Indian food but some of the food was quite special as the taste like weird weird, maybe I’m not really know how to enjoy it =P

Passion Of Kerala--Banana Leaf

Curry and Rice in "tong"

Nasi Set that I odered came with 4 types of vegetables in 4 different tastes.

Pour the curry in "tong' on top of my rice. The curry is nice

Mango Lassi -- i feel just so so only, still can be improve

Our side dish --Bitter gourd (nice)

Side dish - fry fish

My favorite - fry chicken

Rassam soup - this is the one that i not even dare to taste but my colleagues said this is very good as this is cleansing soup to clean of the excessive fat & cholesterol after our heavy meal.

Hmmm...How about the price? Unfortunately I not really know the price as treat by our boss...hehe...but is sadly that we miss the chance to take the group photo with the counterpart.
Address: 5, Lorong Endah 4, Tmn Brown, Gelugor. 11700 Penang
Contact: 04-657 8550
Operation hours: 12:00noon - 3:30pm; 6:30pm - 10:30pm (7 days a week)

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  1. Hi All, my colleagues and i just went there for lunch. We all felt that the food was below average, and the service was bad.

    Total cost of our lunch is RM60.50 for
    5 veges set lunch (3 veges side dishes RM4.50 each)
    1 plate of Chicken Masala RM 10.50 (which is cut into pieces from 2 pieces of chicken),
    3 small pieces of ikan bawal (RM4.00)
    Papadam > extra charges RM1

    guess what, the Limau ice drink costs us RM2.50/glass ! OMG!

    Hi all, please think twice before you're going to this shop. it is not recommended!


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