Mt.KotaKinabalu, Sabah Malaysia

Thinking to share on the trip that I went before for around 1 yrs plus. This is because I feel this trip was memorable for me—Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
Our trip are organize by one of my friend, Ah Chee who are very good and experience organizer for travel. I can say luckily we got her as our organizer as everything was so well prepared. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks her here and also one of my friend who stay at Sabah, Siew Yee. She help us to buy the stuff that only able gets from Sabah before we reach especially our shoes that specially for hiking one. This shoe was so great to hike for KK. The quality was so good and just cost RM6.50.

I can said this trip was so tough and tired but was fun and enjoyed. I think this because I went with all my lovely and great friends. Teammates that go together was the most important. They are so helpful and caring and some more funny to make the whole journey so fun. We went for 5days 4 night.
Actually we learn a phrase from this trip, I feel is quite true for us to reach the peak. 首先我们要有体力,没了体力就要有意志力,意志力也没了就要互相勉励。Hahah…I feel this phrase is really useful. If not because of all my friends so determine that wanna reach the peak, I think I will give up at check point. Thanks to all of them =)

Map of KotaKinabalu

We are ready....

Group photo before we depart

although tired hiking but not forget to posting...hehe...


Nice view of the journey

Reached at Laban Rata

is cold 8 degree...

Yeah...yeah....I make it !!

We all reached...

The road is tough

Nice view

I like this photo so muchie but i'm not in =(

Trade mark at Kinabalu town


My certificate

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