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Group lunch at Pak Hussin TomYam, Sungai Ara, Penang. Recently boss decided to have at least once group lunch for every quarter. The important is treat by boss. heheh...that mean I have at least one free lunch by quarterly. nice, right? Due to we have Malay colleagues in our group so we have to decide on halal food. Luckily I quite like Malay foods so there is no problem for me as I like spicy food. Anyhow, I feel lunch together with own group is a good ideal as at least we can take this opportunity to familiar with own peers but not just talk about work. Through this I believe it can be indirectly help us to work more closely and easily.

Ok, is time to talk about food. Overall, I feel if consider Malay food, Pak Hussin TomYam consider not bad as their service was good and price also quite reasonable, Besides, they had variety of option for the foods. You can either order a la carte or set lunch and set dinner. For us, we took 2 set same set lunch entitle for 10 persons. The set lunch included 5 main course, juice watermelon and rice. This total cost us RM65 per set. How you think? Ok for the price?

Pak Hussin TomYam at Sungai Ara, Penang
Inside the restaurant
Rice -- quite a big portion
Juice watermelon
Orange -- included in our set lunch
Spicy Fish "Siakap" -- I saw almost every table also order this type of fish but from my personal opinion, the taste was good but I not prefer the fish cooked in deep fried way
Mix TomYam -- This is not bad but it can be better if slighly spicy and sour...heheh
Vege "kailan" fried with salted fish -- this is just normal vege but tast ok
Chicken fried with chili -- is nice if eat with the rice
Mango "kerabu" -- I like kerabu but this I feel too sour for me
Fried squid -- This is the dish that we added on top of our set but is nice as very crunchy...hehe

Lot 14 Kg. Tersusun
SG. Ara 11900 Bayan Lepas
Pulau Pinang
Tel : +60164572503, +60164904087, +60164063762


  1. i'm been there couple of times a nice place

  2. This is my second times having dinner was delicious but the service was terrible and the service staff totally not friendly..Need to change hospitality enviroment..

  3. haha...their service is depends on the mood of the day...hehe

  4. how to go there if i come from pamtai hospital?

  5. hi,

    Is very near go from Pantai Hospital. You turn right after come out from Pantai and go straight until cross a junction then you can slow down, Pak Hussin is on your left...


  6. I went to this place a couple of times recently finding it close!
    I like their food and sad if had closed down!

  7. I am not too sure as seldom go as well but heard from my friends, they are still open...


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