Inaka Japanese Restaurant at Penang

After attended Fern’s Rom, I had nice lunch with all my lovely friends at Inaka Japanese located at Jalan Burmah, Penang. Nowadays, all of us have own stuff to busy with so hardly have lunch or dinner together. So, this is the good opportunity for us to have our lunch but the most headache is where is the good restaurant for us?? Arhhh….we assign this important task to one of our friend, Keat to suggest us few restaurant that he think is good. Very fast, he able suggested few and all of us finally decided Inaka Japanese Restaurant as he gave quite good comment from his first time visit and all of us never be there before.

As I know, Inaka Japanese Restaurant was just opened around 2 months ago at Sept’09. The environment was nice and comfortable for me and we are so lucky that we able to get the private room for 11pax without reservation and some more there is private toilet for us too. Hehehe…Since is first time there, so we get help from a waitress to recommend us the nice foods. She is friendly and nice and foods that recommended by her was yummy too. Overall, all of us were satisfy with the foods, services, environment and we did enjoy our gathering there.

Inaka Japanese Restaurant located at Jalan Burmah, just beside the PEKESO and Shell Petrol Station
Menu Of Inaka Japanese Restaurant -- They have variety of foods and you can get help from the waitress for their recommendation. They are friendly and nice enough
FOC for GreenTea
Salmon Sashimi -- RM 8.80
I think this was in promotion rate as just cost rm8.80 and the most important the Salmon was fresh enough and with my favorite wasabi...That's great!!
Potato Salad -- RM 5.00
Just a normal salad but taste good. I like it...
Salmon Tataki Maki -- RM 18.90
King Prawn Roll -- RM20.90
This attractted me the most as there was a big prawn head there. I like this more if compare with the Salmon Tataki as I like prawn more. Hehe...yummy
I think this was so call special and recommended by the waitress -- RM 20.00
Is prawn favorite and the taste utterly slightly same as salad prawn but the taste was very nice....

Pumpkin Korokke -- RM 10.00
For me, I not really like pumpkin but I like this dish, not sure how they cook but the tatse was simply nice...
Hanpen Cheese Age -- RM10.00
Tepan Moyoshi -- RM 10.00
Recommended by the waitress, she said don't think this is just "taugeh" but the taste was great. So we had it a try....however, this dish doesn't disappointed us...
Sake Kabuto --RM 27
Fish Head, my friend's favorite. I not really taste on this but at the end whole fish head disappear from the plate so I think you able to guess how the taste?

Unagi Don -- RM 9.90
Normal Unagi Don but taste not bad
Ramen Set (Chicken Teriyaki Sarayaki) -- RM 16.90
This was under Inaka Ramen Set. All the sets were included chawanmushi, salad and fruits so is quite full if you ordered the set meal from Inaka. This dish was nice but is good that you eat while still hot as the mee become harder when getting cold

Kare Udon -- RM 13.00
Hmmm....this is the one that I not really like. Actually the taste not bad, just all the while I don't like udon
Inaka Bento F -- Rm 23.90
Inaka Bento E -- RM 21.90
Inaka Bento F -- RM23.90
All the above Bento sets also included the chawanmushi, salad and fruit. Overall the bento sets were good but just need to take note for the bento F as there was beef for that set

Teppan Salmon -- RM18.90
Mocha Ice-cream -- RM 5.90 and the another forget the name but I think should be
Mango Mousse-- RM 10.90

Food was yummy then how about the price? Actually price is really depends one but from all of us, we felt the price was reasonable as we did enjoyed variety of delicious foods and total cost RM36 for each person included 10% of service charge. For me, Inaka definitely will be in my food list if I am headache with lunch or dinner again. I feel is worthy to have it a try if you never been there =)

Inaka Japanese Restaurant
No.253G-1-1, Premier Center
Jalan Burmah, 10350 Penang
Tel/Fax: 04-2272268 or
016-443 7992 (Beverley Ong)
Business Hours : Monday - Friday
Lunch : 12pm - 2.30pm
Dinner : 6pm - 10.15pm
Business Hours : Sat - Sun & Public Holidays
Lunch : 12pm - 3.30pm
Dinner : 6pm- 10.15pm


  1. So wonderful of you to share these global cuisines! If I'm ever in Penang, I'll make sure to try this place out :)

  2. yes, this restaurant is worthy to have a try... I can provide you more detail map when you at Penang =)

  3. I did go to Inaka to try the food
    well, I did and is really good n thanks for the recommandation,
    well for me I will say that the food in INAKA is great and reasonable...If ever in Penang do try the food there..

  4. Happy to hear that you like there too...we are same taste =)

  5. Good news, there is free discount voucher giveaway from Inaka now. Visit to grab it now. ;)


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