Mooncake -- 香橙罂粟仔冰皮月饼

中秋节快乐!! With the Festival Mooncake is going to near, so I plan to make a mooncake for a try. I get a recipe from 酷可可.She really clever on cooking. She make few type of mooncake but since I’m just first time so I choose the easier one -- 香橙罂粟仔冰皮月饼. Hehe… Would like to take this opportunity to thanks her as I did seek advice from her. Thanks to her patient and kindness. =)

Actually this is my second try on this mooncake although this type of mooncake can be consider the most easy as it can be done without the egg beater and oven. Actually the taste was the same if compare to first time, just outlook improve some. Heheh…so, maybe you can have it a try before Festival Mooncake =)

Cake flour before become yummy mooncake
Green Tea Lotus paste
Mickey Face with Orange Poppy Seed mooncake, look nice??
With Green Tea Lotus filling mooncake
Read from 酷可可, I also add in the shredded meat (肉丝). Hmmmm….this favor, some peoples said nice as very special and not that sweet as the 肉丝 slightly salty but some peoples comment a bit weird like that…haha…nvm, is good try then
Ready to eat …heheh…

Recipe :-

材料A:糕粉100g,糖粉100g ( KOH Flour 100g, Icing sugar 100g)
材料B:白油40g,橙皮屑1大匙,淡奶2大匙,罂粟仔10g (White Oil 40g, Orange dander 1 tablespoon, evaporated milk 2 tablespoons, Poppy Seed 10g)
材料C:橙汁50ml,冷水100ml (Orange Juice 50ml, Cold water 100ml)
馅料:莲蓉适量(Lotus with suitable amount base on your mooncake mold)

1. 将材料A放入大碗,加入材料B拌匀
(Put the material A into big bowl, add material B and mix well)
2. 倒入材料C拌成软团,分13等份,每份约30g
(Pour material C and then mix it until become like a dough, sub it into 13 equal portion, each about 30g)
3. 将做法(2)包入馅料,搓圆后收紧。
(Take the (2) package into stuffing, rub it round shape and then tightened.
4. 将(3)放入撒上糕粉的月饼模,压紧,敲出,一直重复直到材料用完
(Get the (3) and put into the mooncake mold, press it tight and get it out, repeat until the material finish)
5. 将月饼放进冰箱冷藏即可
(Put the mooncake into refrigerator for around 2 hours)


  1. the ones with green tea filling look fabulous!!

  2. ghkoay76,蛮头第一次来才发现到你也做了罂粟籽冰皮月饼,谢谢“帮承”啊,呵呵~

  3. 我还要谢谢你的食谱呐,好多人都人都讲很好吃哦!!接下来我的目标是你的绿茶红豆蛋糕哦!!嘻嘻。。。

  4. 呵呵~谢谢喔!加油加油!^^


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