Max Gourmet Penang 美食之家

Actually visit few time at Max Gourmet that located at Bayan Bay (just opposite Queensbay) but this is my first time there after they changed the menu. I had heard some bad comment after they changed the menu as more expensive if compare to the previous one.

Hmmm…from my own comment, I feel not bad for the food and the price still fine but if compare to last time, will be slightly expensive. Although received few bad comment about this Max but there is almost full house when I'm there on Thursday so if you plan to go during lunch time even not a weekend also be advise to make it more earlier.

As I know there is new branch that just open not long time ago at 7th floor at Gurney Plaza, Penang. For those that seldom go Bayan Lepas area, might have a try at Gurney.

Max got various type of dim sum but as i went during lunch time so i didn't ordered any of it =( Heard that their dim sum not bad, maybe can go for b/fast next time....
Menu -- got various type of wuan tan mee, mee, rice and fried rice
Winter Melon With Sea Coconut -- RM3.00
Ginseng and Water Chestnut --RM3.00
This one not bad, i like it and feel quite healthy for me
BBQ sauce Sparerib & Vegetable Rice -- RM 8.90
Curry Chicken with Noodle --RM6.90
hmmm....this was just normal like wuan tan me with curry chicken, nothing special
Steamed Groupa Fish with Ho Fan--RM10.90
I like this ho fan, feel very nice. Is good to have something steam sometime...hehehe...this dish need to wait slighly longer time but i feel worthy =)

Our bill, all prices are subject to 5% service charge

Below are all the contact for Max :

Max Gourmet (Queensbay Branch)
No. 45, Bayan BayPersiaran Bayan Indah11900
Bayan Lepas, PenangTel: +604-643 5903
Business Hour: 11am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 9.30pm (Mon-Fri),
11am to 9.30pm (Sat & Sun)

Maxim Dim Sum RestaurantBangunan Lip Sin
2-G-11 & 12Lebuh Pekaka SatuSungai Dua11700 Gelugor,
PenangTel: +604-656 0915
Business Hours: 6am to 2pm

Max Gourmet (Gurney Branch)
7th Floor, Gurney Plaza Penang
Business Hour: 10.30am to 10.30pm


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