Special Long Chinese Cruller (特长油条王)

Do you know there is yummy Chinese Cruller or Fried Bread Stick and also known as You Tiao that located at Paya Terubong, Penang? Actually I knew this special you tiao from one of my forward mail but I don’t know the exact location until my sis bring me go that day. Heheheh…Finally I able to try it =)

If not mistaken, the business hour should be 1pm -6pm. So, we reached there around 3pm, just nice right? Actually you can either take away or having there. As we are first time been there, so we enjoyed the yummy yummy You Tiao over there. Firstly, I doubt on the taste as there was not much customer but after that just notice that, a lot of peoples are just drive through and take away the you tiao. The exact location is just at the roadside, opposite the 1997 kopitiam so actually is quite convenient to “ta pao” there.

Overall the cruller was simply crunchy and delicious but I think is good to taken when it is fresh to make sure the crispiness. At present, there are only two types of crullers available there which is the Extra Long Cruller and the Black & White Sesame Twin (similar like Horse Shoe Shaped Sweetened Crullers) but the extra long cruller can be stuffed with various type of favor like Meat Floss and Mayonnaise, sausage, tuna and kaya, butter and etc. You can actually choose your own combination base on your taste. Impress right??

Special Long “You Tiao” located at Paya Terubong, opposite kopitiam 1997
   You Tiao? Im the longest…heheh
Crunchy golden brown, deep fried “You Tiao” was around 14” long
 Black & White Sesame Twin (3 For RM2)
 Cruller with Tuna Mayonnaise (rm2.50). I feel this favor was just so so as I feel I can’t really taste the tuna but more on the cabbages, onions and carrots
 Stuffed cruller with Meat Floss (rm2.50). I like this favor the most. Very nice the combination and was crunchy. Yummy yummy….
  Cruller with Sausage and Mayonnaise (rm2.50). Hmmm….this favor not bad. The combination sausage with mayonnaise and chili source was just nice. I think kids will like it much
 Soya Bean was available there (rm1.00). After ate with the crunchy cruller, feel just nice with the soya bean. Hehhe…

Location: 1250-A, Jalan Paya Terubong, 11060 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact: 016-433 7301 (Mr. TH Tan)
Opening Hours: 12.30pm-6pm (Closed Alternate Tuesday)

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