Foong Wei Restaurant(风味) at Jalan Sri

Celebrated mum’s birthday I think 2 weeks ago at Foong Wei Restaurant(风味) that located at Jalan Sri Bahari. As not so free for these few weeks so drag until now only post. I think mum will not mind about this. Hehe..

Is good to have a reservation in advance as there was always pack with peoples so we had booked for 3 tables few days ahead before we visit there. You can either ordered according the dishes that you preferred or ordered a set dinner base on their menu. We had ordered set dinner and changed some dishes from the set. The set dinner we ordered cost RM 268 which included 7 dishes and drink all you can. I think the price was consider quite ok for me and overall the food was quite nice too and can consider satisfy. Heheh..Maybe you can have a try during lunch time or your dinner.

Wah...a lot of peoples there when we arrived around 7pm
Starter Peanut -- This was excluded from our set dinner, RM1.50 per plate
Birthday Lam Mee taste not bad but is nicer if you eat with the sambal
Spring Roll & Prawn Roll -- If not mistaken, this dish is one of their famous dish. Between 2 type of roll I prefer prawn roll, very nice...
Salad Prawn --Among all, I like this the most. Prawn just big enough and you can feel the prawn was fresh. Prawn lover like me must try this =)
Sea Cucumber with Source& Baccoli -- This is my dad's favourite dish. Actually not bad as I like baccoli. Hehe...besides, also got mushroom and something like Jelly Fish
Roaster Chicken -- This was just normal
Freid Mee Hoon --Not bad too, got a lot of vege, meats and eggs
Honeydew with ice-cream-- my nieces, nephews favourite. Feel good with ais dessert. Actually this dessert was one of the dish that we requested to changed.
Lovely Cup Cakes for my Mummy-- Bought from Time Square by Kim & Bear Bear

Foong Wei Heong Restaurant
23 & 25, Jalan Sri Bahari, 10050 Penang
Tel: 04-2611918
Fax: 04-2626918


  1. yaya...not bad, bring you there next time =)

  2. My husband favorite dish is the deep fried pork leg....delicious...highly recommend.


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