Japanese Style Mooncake -- 手信坊

Few days ago, my parents received a slightly special mooncake which is Japanese style mooncake. The mooncake looks so different from our traditional (Chinese) mooncake. It is Japanese style handmade, can be refrigerated, can be frozen, soft clear skin and the filling can be seasonal fruit or any of sweet fruit. Hmmm…how about the taste? Honestly indeed it looks so nice but the taste I not so like it, maybe I still prefer our Chinese style mooncake. Hehe…

Actually there are still few type of Japanese mooncake, this is just one of the favor that we received. You can find more from here to their website.
Btw, this type of mooncake also can be found at Queensbay, Penang.

Japanese style mooncake come from 手信坊

The packaging
Six in one box. Actually this is one of type called Peach Komachi, there are 6 favor for this type of mooncake. Nice right?
Strawberry Red Bean-- 草莓红豆
Vanilla -- 香草粟子
Matcha Red Bean -- 抹茶红豆
Sesame Red Bean Chestnut -- 芝麻红豆粟子
Mango -- 芒果
Chocalate Black Cherry -- 巧克力黑樱桃


  1. can i have one? this mooncake look so special...i wan the mango and strawberry red bean one, kakaka~


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