Coffee Island At Gurney Drive, Penang

Have a drink at Coffee Island, Gurney Drive last Saturday with my lovely friends and sister who back from KL. Actually is the second Leng’s birthday celebration. Hahaha…how come got second time? As first time was too early and she didn’t cut any of cake so this time we had a cake for her and take this opportunity to meet all of them as nowadays hard to gather with them as all got their stuff to busy with.

Hmmm….talk about Coffee Island. Actually already been there for few time. Overall, I feel there was not bad as variety of food and I like the environment as very suitable for gathering and chit chat with friends. You can either choose indoor or outdoor. Indoor are suitable for those who prefer air-con condition with warm lighting and outdoor are suit for those who like to enjoy the sea view with open cold wind.
For me, is depends on mood of the day...heheh

Coffee Island located at Gurney Drive. Just at the roadside and able to see it while driving pass
They served variety of foods -- western cuisine, local foods, snack, many type of drink and etc
Hazelnut Hot Chocolate (RM5.90)
Mango Juice (RM 4.90) - Hmmmm...among all, this one is the most not good as tasteless =(
Cold Chocolate Island (RM 5.90)
Oreo Milk Chocolate (RM 7.90) -- I like this as the oreo taste was very thick. I like oreo. Hehe...
Ice Mocha (RM 5.90) Wholemeal Tuna Sandwich (RM3.60)
Penang Fried Koay Teow (RM7.50) -- Just a normal fried koay teow but taste not bad
Homemade Tiramissu for Leng's birthday
Ah Pork & Piggy with lovely cake...I like this photo as feel like very warm...
Last but not least, wish our friend, have a wonderful birthday....

Coffee Island
77, Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang
Tel: 04-2272377

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