Xuan Xin Buffet Steamboat (炫昇自助火锅)

We had a gathering yesterday at Xuan Xin steamboat organized by my friend, Hoay Fern just because she too miss the steamboat with Chinese Porridge soup base. If not mistaken, I think this Chinese Porridge soup base is the most promoted soup in Xuan Xin.

Xuan Xin slightly different from other buffet steamboat is they offering teppanyaki, specially prepared by the chef on the spot where you just have to choose your favorite raw meat. This way will make you not feel so hot when eating. Actually I quite like this special service as able enjoy the yummy foods in more comfortable environment =)
Haih…unfortunately, non of us bring camera that night so I just used my hp to take some photos and share with you here so some photos I felt a bit blur like that =(

Xuan Xin steamboat locate at Tanjung Tokong
I'm so surprise to see there is fullhouse when i walked in so must reserve before go especially during weekend
Our yummy steamboat with porridge and thai TomYam as soup base
My yummy porridge with my favorite taiwan sausage =)

Various type of fresh sea food, meat and mixed vegetables to choose form
Teppanyaki corner
Various type of chili sauce. Second right i like the most
Free flow of juices ( lemon tea, orange, green tea)
Free flow of ice cream
Lovely Firend, Hooi Leng hapily enjoy the foods

101, Jalan Tanjung Tokong
10470 Tanjung TokongTel: 04-8996833
Business Hours:Mon-Sat: 5pm to 12am
Sun & Pub Holiday: 12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 12am


  1. haiz.. eat ho liao lo... hehe.. nice or not? how much? izzit the price i told u?

  2. Food not bad...ya, around that, rm27.5 and plus the service charge so rm30 lor...

  3. Why only take HL's photo? How about the rest? I like the food there, especially the soup base...

  4. Cz she sit opposite me...heheh...
    btw, u like the porridge also??

  5. but no place to park car,this quite bad

  6. yes, agree...when I am there also almost full. Is good to go earlier to avoid difficulty..

  7. dear friends, pls visit our new facebook page for our latest updates. thanks. http://facebook.com/xuanxinbuffetsteamboat


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