Convocation 40th at USM

Yesterday, I’m the first time invited to go in hall to attend the convocation. Felt like a bit old already as I had invited to sit in the parents area when I’m go in, haih….=(
Really make me recall back when I’m the one that graduated, time fly very fast, already few years back.

Actually is quite boring sitting inside for around 1 and the half hours, luckily they end faster than estimation. When half way, I’m thinking secretly walk out from the hall but failed as was so strict, a lot of pegawai take care each entrance =(

My invitation card...heheh
Dewan Tuaku Syed Putra
Konvokesyen Ke-40
Going to start the ceremony...
Graduate's little gal & her flower--daisy
Her Family
Her Friends....
Me at N-years time and yesterday Me....looks older, prettier? haha...

All and all, i wish all of them good luck and all the best in future undertaking =)

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