Bitter Gourd Soup 苦瓜排骨汤

May 2012, I am at Oregon, US now. Not come for travel, not come for work but I follow hubby for his 8 months relocation plan. Anyway, I just come for ~6months =)

Bitter guard soup is my first soup in my life. Kekek…I seldom cook at my home but here everyday I need to cook for a simple meal as consider quite expensive for us if everyday eat outside. I have no proper recipe on how to cook on the bitter guard soup..heheh…I just estimate the ingredients and follow my mummy’s step to have this soup =)
This is the dish that so far taste the best as my hubby always said my dishes only nice to see but taste no good L …yeah…finally….

Ingredients Used
- 1 bowl pork ribs (猪排骨)
- 1 bitter gourd (苦瓜一条)
- some carrots (红萝卜少许)
- 15 pitted red dates (红枣)
- some dried longan (actually the proper you can put honey dates) (龙眼肉)
- 1 tbsp wolfberries, soaked in water till puffy (杞子)
- sea salt (盐)

1. Wash and blanch pork ribs into boiling water for few minutes. This is to remove the scum so that it won’t make the soup too oily later.
2. Cut the bitter gourd into large chunks.
3. In a medium soup pot, add water and wait about half boil then add pork ribs, bitter gourd, red dates and carrots.
4. When the water comes to a boil, lower heat and simmer for about 50 minutes.
5. 5 minutes before you turn off the flame, I only add the soaked wolf-berries and season with salt.
6. Bitter guard soup is ready.

Bitter gourd tips:
1.    Heard hubby mention that If wish to reduce the bitterness of the bitter gourd, you can rub some salt on the bitter gourd and rise off the salt with water before cooking. I did it too but when I taste the soup after simmering about 20 minutes, I still feel too bitter then I put 2 or 3 more of dried longan. 

All the ingredients, all the portion I just estimate
Add water into a pot and bring to half boil, add all the ingredients
After simmering for about 50 minutes, seasoning with salt

       Bitter gourd soup will help to improves acne problem. 

Charlie Brown Cafe Malaysia at Straits Quay Penang

Charlie Brown Café was newly open at Straits Quay, Penang. I aware of this cafe through news papers and I can’t wait to go and visit the café as seem like very cutie café. However, I just wonder why the café name Charlie Brown instead of Snoopy? Hahaha…after that I only aware actually snoopy is a pet of Charlie Brown. 

The interior design of Charlie Brown café was really impress me as it is fully decorated with all the Charlie Brown members who are Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, peanuts gang and etc. You can found all those cutie characters on the wall, celling, any corner of the café. Wah…after visit this café, I only aware there are so many members of Charlie Brown. 

I can said that the environment is pretty nice and you will be like back to your childhood if you visit Charlie brown café. You’ll be excited to see all the cutie cartoon characters around you while having meal. However, personal opinion that the food is not really nice and is slightly expensive. If you are seek for yummy foods then I would not recommend Charlie Brown but if you’re seek for nice environment to have coffee and cakes for chit chatting, then Charlie Brown café might be your good choice.

Charlie Brown Cafe newly open at Straits Quay, Tanjung Bungah Penang
Interior Design of Charlie Brown. Fully decorated with Charlie Brown Members...
Various type of cake
Creamy Seafood Pasta -- RM15.80
Is too creamy and taste is just so so...
Lucy Chicken Chop -- RM15.80
This is not nice as too dry and hard =(
Chicken Beagle Sandwich -- RM10.80
Among 3 main course, I feel sandwich is the best...heheh
Banana + Berries Smoothie -- RM15
Green Tea -- RM6
Coffee Latte Hot -- RM9.50
I like this as there is a cutie LUCY VAN PELT on top of the coffee =)

Charlie's Tiramisu --RM12
This is so yummy... should try...

3A-1-17 & 3A-1-18,
Straits Quay Marina Mall,
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang 3,
10470 Tanjong Bungah, Penang

Tel: 04-899 8602 ‎

SIGI's Bar & Grill on the beach, Penang

Hihi...I am back to my blog. Feel so sorry about my blog here, such a long time I never update it anymore. Recently I felt I very busy but not sure what I busy with? Work? Personal stuff? Family? Wah…seem like all also have…hahaha…no wonder I have no time to update. Let me update my valentine’s 2011 celebration SIGI’s Bar & Grill, Golden Sands Resort Penang.

SIGI’s Bar & Grill is a cozy and nice restaurant located at Golden Sands Resort, Batu Feringgi. There have a romantic area with the windy sea scenery or you may choose to sit inside with the cozy and relax environment. I went during Valentine’s day 2011 but at 15 Feb but I already forgot what’s the reason behind that we choose to celebrate 1 day delay but is good as it avoid crowded anywhere.

Overall food is nice but it might slightly expensive but the environment is really nice.

SIGi's Bar & Grill on the beach located at Golden Sands hotel, Batu Feringgi, Tanjung Bungah PenangVery nice environment with blue color....I like it so much =)Red Wine for two....should rm25 each, can't really remember the price.Steam Bread as starter. Is free.... Pan-Fried Cod --RM65 with crushed new potatoes, pistachio aioli and fennel and caper saladRoasted Chicken Breast --RM42 Garlic and Oregano sausage, saute spinach and burnt sage butter with mashed potatoThe Bombe -- Rm23 Mango sorbet, white chocolate parfait, Italian meringue and pine nuts. It looks like not really nice but when try, the taste actually quite good and special

SIGI’s Bar and Grill On The Beach
Shangri-La’s Golden Sands Resort
Batu Feringgi Beach
11100 Penang
Business Hours : 10am – 1am
Breakfast on weekends and public holidays from 8am to 11.30am
Lunch : 12 noon – 3pm
Pool Snacks Menu : 3pm – 6pm
Dinner : 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Tel : 04 886 1852

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