Sawara Steamboat @ Pulau Tikus Penang

Sawara Steamboat Restaurant located at Burmah Road in Pulau Tikus. The exact location is at the corner shop house directly opposite the Maxim Cake House or the easier is same row as the Baskin Robbins.

This was recommended from my lovely friend – Fern who is the steamboat lover. She is birthday on that day she suggested this restaurant for her birthday celebration. Heheh…she already mentioned she want go for steamboat again for her next year birthday…hehe…hence, if you have any nice steamboat, pls recommend to her. She got an ambition that want to try out all the steamboat in Penang =)

Actually this is my first time visit. I feel not bad with the soup base and dishes especially their homemade fish ball with celery, simply delicious and the portion of the foods are slightly small as can’t have the feeling that very very full. Hehehe…as nowadays I am so use to it with the buffet style steamboat that we can eat. Sawara is serve the ala Card and also the set but only 2 set available which are RM68 and RM128. Since we have around 10 peoples so we go for RM128 and the dishes are homemade fish ball with celery, prawn, fish, taufu, vegetables and etc.

Sawara Steamboat restaurant located at Burma Road Pulau Tikus, same row with Baskin Robbins and it at the corner shop lot

Cili sauce and the garlic. For steamboat chili sauce and garlic paste are very important as it will make the taste been nicer =)
Fish Roll with Celery and Quail Egg. Fish Roll is the one that I like the most, taste nice and unique

Sliced Fish
Jelly and Cuttle Fish
Tau Fu
Golden and Abalone Mushroom. This is one of my favorite too but since I put the braces i seldom go for the Golden Mushroom =(
White and Taiwanese Cabbage
Tau Po and Bean-curd Sheet Stuffed
ShangHai Mee -- this is extra ala carte order as scare not enough for the dishes
The set cost RM 128 with the additional plate of ShangHai Mee RM2. The soup base is very flavorful and homemade fish ball with chili dip is awesome!!
hehe...this is mine, big prawn...
Birthday cake from Bread History. Happy birthday to Fern here. May all your dream come true and stay happy always =)

Restaurant Sawara Steamboat
393 Jalan Burmah

10350 Penang
Tel : 04 2260516
Business Hour : 11am - 10pm daily


  1. wah.. eat ho liao again.. no wonder u said ur OT cant make u rich.. hehe..

  2. haha...this is birthday celebration so is must la...heheh..

  3. ask her friend to try my fav steamboat in Raja Uda, simply the best!

    Seok LI

  4. Is it 紫薇園魚頭火炭爐 @ raja uda? I tried b4 d...really nice..especially its soup base..

  5. Wow....then I should have it a try =)


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